Wimbledon Town Center Study



At last week’s WURA meeting members generally were very concerned at the proposals in the Wimbledon Town Centre Study. These related to the traffic management options.

1. While the pedestrianisation of shopping centres can be an improvement. This is dependent on there being a satisfactory solution for the displacement of traffic. eg; a good ring road is available.

2. The A219 is a main North/South road across London. It links the White City/M4 junction with Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith, Putney, Wimbledon, North Cheam, Sutton and the A24.

3. The proposals all involve Hartfield Road carrying all its existing traffic, but also most or all of the Broadway Traffic. Some years ago the Broadway was made one way because it could not carry the existing traffic satisfactorily. The same reasons would apply to Hartfield Road. At times Hartfield Road is heavily congested now. So the proposals would all reduce the traffic flow.

4. It has long been WURA’s Policy that traffic measures introduced on Main roads should not hinder the flow of traffic so that traffic is diverted down residential roads. The opposite is what is required. A good local example is when the Council stopped traffic other than buses turning right from Worple Road into Wimbledon Hill road, forcing traffic to use St Georges road. As a result 200 vehicles an hour switched in the morning rush hour to using the Ridgeway and Belvedere Grove and other roads in the Belvedere Estate causing major problems which the Council is currently having to address. Accordingly our Members would oppose strongly any measures which would reduce the traffic flow on the A219 to and from the railway station.

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