Review of Parking Services - deadline for responses 28 September 2012



From LB Merton
Dear Resident / Business,
Parking is without doubt one of the major issues raised with us time and again by local residents and businesses. It is clearly important for the long term sustainability of our local shopping parades and town centres that people are encouraged to support local businesses, particularly in the current economic climate.
Among the various tools at the Council’s disposal to assist in this are the pricing structure it adopts for parking and the availability of parking spaces. Yet, concerns have consistently been raised with us about a lack of affordable and convenient parking here in our local neighbourhood
As your ward councillors, we understand the importance of having in place a fair parking system that reflects the views of both residents and businesses and offers council taxpayers value for money. This is why back in February this year, we submitted a motion for consideration at Full Council which called for a full review of parking policy in Merton, including the Council’s current charging regime and the impact these parking charges have on residents, businesses and visitors.
We are pleased to say that following the successful adoption of this motion, the Council has now commenced this review. Details of this parking consultation can be found on the Council’s website:
You will see that the Council is starting with a review of parking in and around Merton’s six town
centres and later in the year it will then be looking in more detail at parking closer to neighbourhood and local shopping parades. There is an electronic survey which you can complete at the following link:
Alternatively your comments can be sent by email to or by post to:
Tom Davis Project Officer, Merton Parking Services 13th Floor, Civic Centre London Road Morden SM4 5DX
Please note the deadline for representations is 28th September 2012.
We would encourage you to respond to the consultation, and also copy us into your reply, so that your views on this important issue can be taken into account in future policy development.
As ever, if you have any queries or we can be of assistance on this or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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