Book launch - The Traumatised Society at St James Piccadilly 28 Oct 3-5pm



Fred Harrison’s book sets before us a challenging and compelling message. It asks — and offers answers — to some of the most challenging questions we face:
• How can we persuade people of good faith to unite in a common message about the design of a sane political economy?
• Will a recovery of an understanding of the commons aid the transformation in political economy so urgently required?
• Will a better understanding of the corrosive power of rent help us develop a new economic paradigm serving people and the planet?
• Will the convergence of financial instability, the end of cheap oil, and climate change usher in an era of contraction
• Will we move positively to a new economy of replenishment that doesn’t depend on growth fuelled by cheap energy, reckless consumption and financial speculation?
• How can communities best prepare for economic volatility and thrive in a re-localized world?
• Can we pursue improvements in education, the arts, health, well-being, freedom, and happiness without endless expansion of consumption?
3.00 Introductions: Canon Peter Challen – welcome and context

3.05 Anthony Werner – the publisher’s hope

3.10 Fred Harrison – the book, its setting and its purpose

3.20 A visual and audio introduction - readings by Jemma Redgrave, Jennifer Wiltsie
and Carlo Nero

3.40 A jobbing theologian’s comment
3.50: Participation begins for an hour

4.50 Summing up
as we work out the movement from rhetoric to

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