Wandle Arts Prize presentation



Merton Abbey Mills are awarding the 3rd annual Wandle Prize to an outstanding student proposal to operate a new venture at the Mills in one of the ground floor craftshop/retail units at MAM, later this evening 18 June 2015 at Wimbledon College of Arts. Terry Buckland of Merton Abbey Mills said:

“It is proving such a worthwhile link up with young creatives providing them with free accommodation for 12 months to enable their concept to flourish whilst bringing in new visitors and other potential MAM craftshops and small businesses. During the current year our former WCA student Rosa set up a working art gallery hosting other young emerging artists who create and sell from the space. This year we will be announcing a very exciting winning concept which we believe will be our most successful outreach into a wide community on a number of levels. The entries this year were so strong and diverse that we are creating some additional working collaborations for two other student proposals.”

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