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We are Jigsaw Juniors, an integral part of the Jigsaw Players’ Concert Series.
We bring music to young people and their carers across the borough of Merton through specifically-tailored educational projects & concerts presented by outstanding young professionals. Our team comprises musicians from top London classical orchestras, award-winners in the fields of jazz /world music and our resident poet, Kate Wakeling, whose first poetry collection for children won the 2017 CliPPA award.
The health and educational benefits of engagement with the Arts have been proven in many studies;…

Jigsaw Juniors offers children and their carers access to all the feel-good sensations that music can bring at a time when it is being cut in schools. We offer space to develop listening skills, enjoy an opportunity for calm reflection amidst busy/noise-filled days, and a chance to fully engage in the potentially-stimulating process of exploring new sound-worlds.

Jigsaw Juniors has offered free music workshops to children aged 5-11
in Morden and Pollards Hill Libraries.
80 children & 20 parents/carers participated in four creative music workshops exploring concepts of loud/soft, high/low, fast/slow.
An original song on a given theme was created and performed by the children with guidance from a workshop leader & musicians. Participants were given the chance to
explore music creatively and interactively.

Jigsaw Juniors has also given free concerts in local schools such as
Hollymount Primary School, Raynes Park.
We return to the Wimbledon Bookfest in ‘Animals and their Song’ (14/10/17) presented by Kate Wakeling, where the programme booklet features children’s art work inspired by our concert’s theme. We will give a FREE children’s workshop at Merton Civic Centre (25/11/17) and further workshops and concerts at Wimbledon Library (10/6/18) and MyRaynesPark Festival (30/6/18).

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