Sites of Historic Prisons-a walking tour



The Wandsworth Prison Museum is hosting a walking tour of historic prison sites. The tour includes, the Surrey County Gaol, (Horsemonger Lane) where Charles Dickens witnessed public executions and when it closed, Wandsworth Prison inherited the job carrying out executions. Marshalsea Prison, where Dickens’s father had been imprisoned for debt, the Clink Prison, where prisons got their nickname from, Bridewell Prison and finally, Newgate, London’s most (in)famous prison.

The tour assembles at Elephant and Castle underground station at 10am. From there, we visit the site of the old Surrey County gaol, at the back of Inner London Crown Court. On to Marshalsea, where the south wall of the prison still stands and it leads on to Southwark Coroner’s Court. Going under the last remaining arch of London Bridge from 1834, the tour goes to the Clink prison, then along the South Bank to Blackfriars Bridge Road, to see the entrance to Bridewell prison. A short walk along Ludgate Hill on to the Site of Newgate Prison, now the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey where the tour ends.

Save for the first site at Newington Gardens, there are remains to be seen above ground at all sites, to illustrate the tour.

The maximum length of the tour is 2 hours.

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