London Borough of Merton Consultation--Borough Parking charges



The consultation on proposed changes to parking charges in car parks, pay and display bays and controlled parking zones has begun.

You can find out the details of the new plans as well as take part in the consultation by going to:

Public health, air quality and sustainable transport: a strategic approach to parking charges.

The aim of the proposals is to adjust driver behaviour and to ensure that we can provide a modern, efficient and environmentally sustainable transport policy for residents, visitors, businesses now and in the future.

The proposals seek to achieve efficient and safe movement of traffic and the provision of suitable and adequate parking facilities in the context of the public health agenda, the shift to more active and sustainable transport modes (such as walking, cycling and public transport), the impact of vehicle emissions and congestion on air quality, and demand for kerbside space.

Why we are reviewing parking charges

The Merton parking service already contributes to and helps deliver the key policies set out in Merton's Health and Wellbeing Strategy, Merton's Air Quality Action Plan, the Council's Local Implementation Plan and the Mayor of London's Transport Strategy.

The Mayor of London's key ambition is for London to have the best air quality of any major global city. He wants the quickest progress to be made in the most polluted places, benefitting people most vulnerable to the effects of air pollution.

We need to consider what we can do as a borough to make the healthy choice the easy and preferable choice, to improve public services and enable residents to choose active travel options more often, and to reduce congestion and improve air quality. Public Health has a vision to protect and improve physical and mental health outcomes for the whole population in Merton throughout the life course, and to reduce health inequalities.

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