Footprints of London--Capital Walks--Wimbledon Park - Richmond Bridge



We begin our walk through Wimbledon Park, passing the hinterland of Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Grounds as we head up to Wimbledon Common "forever open and unenclosed" since an Act of Parliament in 1871. Made up of a diversity of habitats from, freshwater to woodlands, resulting in an impressive and surprising range of flora and fauna. The site of "Caesar's Camp" and an unusual windmill.

After our amble across the Common we cross the busy A3 to Robin Hood Gate to enter the Royal park of Richmond which covers 2500 acres. Originally a deer-hunting park, it still has Red Deer and fallow deer roaming wild.

Richmond Park has protected status as an important habitat for wildlife and is a National Nature Reserve, London's largest Site of Special Scientific Interest and a European Special Area of Conservation. We will view this in all its glory as we visit Pen Ponds and then head for the path between Sidmouth Wood and Queen Elizabeth's Plantation to the famous King Henry's Mound which offers a spectacular view to St Paul's Cathedral.

From here we exit the park at Richmond Gates and follow in the steps of the lass of Richmond Hill to the C18th stone arch bridge.

The terrain will be woodland and common paths, as well as gravel and pavements. The steepest part is at the beginning working our way up from Wimbledon Park to the Common. Please wear suitable footwear and May time can be cool, so ensure you have the appropriate gear with you.

A 6 mile walk (approx) 3 hours (with guided stops). We will have a short break at Pen Ponds Cafe.

Ends: Richmond Bridge - Richmond Station Underground and Mainline nearby.

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