Capability Brown Activity Festival Weekend



Creating a Community and Family Festival of sports, and music and dance demonstrations and photographic and Heritage Park exhibitions and Walks & Talks in Capability Brown’s beautiful landscape in Heritage Wimbledon Park, where everyone, young and old who are residents of Merton & Wandsworth, can come and try any of the Sports on offer by any of the Premier Sports Clubs active in the Park since 1854 and see a photographic and Capability Brown exhibition relating to the Park, in the Bowls Pavilion – or watch or listen to any of the dance or music demonstrations put on by schools local to the Park -which will be performed at The Wimbledon Club in the Park or join the Walks & Talks guided tour of Wimbledon Park–led by Professor Dave Dawson followed by a Capability Brown Tea and following a Festival Tea at The Wimbledon Club, to listen and watch a Presentation on the landscape works of Capability Brown, given by Steffie Shields–a well known professional photographer, writer and historic landscape consultant–who has researched the works of Capability Brown for over 25 years.

Every resident of Merton or Wandsworth, young and old, can join in the Festival over the Weekend and participate in any of the Sports carried on at the Premier Clubs in Wimbledon Park since 1854 or to watch any of the music and dance demonstrations being put on by schools local to the Park and to join in the Walks & Talks guided tour of the Heritage Park led by Professor Dave Dawson, followed by a Capability Brown Tea at The Wimbledon Club and a Presentation by Steffie Shields on the landscape works of Capability Brown.

All sports activities, taster sports/coaching sessions, the creative and arts and music demonstrations, exhibitions and science and history Walks & Talks–at the various sports venues taking place in Heritage Wimbledon Park and at the Bowls Pavilion and at The Wimbledon Club – are all free of charge to local residents of Merton and Wandsworth.

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