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Help is needed
Below are a few things we need your help with, so that we can pick and share even more fruit this year. Please get in touch if you can help with any of these.

Organisers for fruit picking expeditions – we need volunteers who can organise 2 or more outings over the summer months. Each outing for fruit picking normally takes a couple of hours. As well as helping to pick fruit, an organiser would ensure that the equipment gets to the site (fruit picking poles & tubs) and the fruit is brought back, and would liaise with the garden owner. (We probably ought to meet up sometime to discuss the details.) Please let me know if you think you can be a fruit-picking organiser.

Distribution & storage of fruit – we try to pass on fruit as quickly as possible and sometimes need some help with delivering fruit. Also, some charities only operate on certain days, so sometimes we need to store fruit for a day or two. If you think you might be able to help with distribution or storage of fruit, then please let me know (even if you will only be able to help occasionally).

Freezer space – we freeze some fruit in the run up to Abundance Fruit Day and this makes things easier on the day. But we need some more freezer space. So please tell us if you are likely to have space in your freezer in the weeks up to Sept 21st.

Peeling & chopping up apples – Kara’s pie-making stall is really popular on Abundance Fruit Day. However, there is a lot of preparation beforehand. If you can help Kara with some peeling and chopping in the weeks before Sept 21st, then please let me know.

Abundance Fruit Day – we’ve had great fun over the last couple of years at Abundance Fruit Day. As well as raising money to keep Abundance Wimbledon going, it’s a way of people showing all the things that can be done with fruit and it’s an opportunity to celebrate what Abundance does. If you’d like to help with planning and running a stall on Sept 21st, then please get in touch.

Upcycling Wimbledon
Abundance is all about making the most of the fruit that we have – but what about everything else that gets wasted? Some of us have got together to plan an event – UPCYCLING WIMBLEDON. This is about doing something better with what we have. It will be at 11am-2pm on Sat 20th April at St Mark’s church hall (behind Wimbledon library). There will be stalls showcasing the following:

what to do with food nearing it’s ‘use by’ date – recipe ideas and free pancakes from Love Food Hate Waste
simple clothes mending and altering ideas – from Sew Together
tips for growing food for free on windowsills, pots and the garden – from some local gardeners
how to pass on unwanted anything – Merton Freegle
making old fabric into bags or rugs – local craftspeople
passing on unwanted furniture to people in need – the Wimbledon Guild & the Vine Project
an amazing range of offcuts and end-of-line materials – from Squirrels
tips on composting – from a local permaculturalist

So please come along and pick up some new ideas.

Afterwards, from 2 – 3.30pm we’ll have some workshops to brainstorm ideas like: how to make Wimbledon look better; encouraging growing, making and selling food in Wimbledon; getting people to walk and cycle more … and anything else people want to discuss. There will also be an opportunity to tell everyone what you are doing to make Wimbledon better and greener.

contact: Joyce Pountain

Abundance Fruit Day is Sat 21 September 11-2 at St Mark’s Church SW19

The long cold spring did make us think there wouldn’t be much fruit around this year. It’s certainly been a poor year for the early plums (mirabelles and cherry plums, the damsons have been variable). But it’s been an exceptional year for currants, we’ve picked mulberries for the first time, there were some cherries around and it looks like there will be a good crop of blackberries (although we’ll have to wait a few days to pick after the bank holiday weekend).

So an amazing 104 kilos of mixed fruit has been picked, plus 90 kilos of apples picked since the apple harvest started last weekend. We’ve given some apples to the Faith in Action Centre in Kingston Rd, where homeless people can drop in for a meal. And also to Merton Priory Homes, the social housing group. The rest of the fruit has been shared amongst fruit pickers and given to people making jam, jellies and other things which we’ll sell at Fruit Day on Sat 21st Sept. If you’d like to get involved in making things, then please get in touch. Following the late start to the season and the short time until Fruit Day, we need all the help we can get!

Bottles for fruit juice
We need empty glass or plastic bottles suitable for fruit juice – ideally 500 ml (but 750 ml would be ok too). They’ll be used for fruit juice from the press on Fruit Day. Please can you keep (rinsed) bottles and caps and get in touch with Juliet, who is collecting them, by emailing julietboyd@doctors.org.uk.

Small Jam Jars & Making Jam
If you have any small jam jars, then please get in touch. We have plenty of large jars, but there is a shortage of the smaller ones. Those used for jam or honey are best, as it can be impossible to get rid of the smell of pickles from other jars.

Ruth has put together some really helpful guidance on making jam, along with recipes for jams, jellies and chutneys. It includes some unusual recipes – so if you want to know how to make hedgerow jam or marrow chutney, or just plain apple jelly, take a look at:

We have Abundance labels for jam jars – get in touch if you’d like some. On labelling, please think about the following:
label jars clearly e.g. plum chutney
say on the label if there is a short shelf life e.g. eat within 3 days
if it contains nuts, put this on the label

Unripe figs
Can you use unripe figs? A garden-owner in Earlsfield has some and we can put you in touch with her.

Put up a poster
We need lots of people to come along to Fruit Day to buy the jams, cakes and juice. If you could put up a poster somewhere, then this would be a great help. You can download a poster at
Or if you’d like a printed poster, then just let us know. Also, it’s really important to get Fruit Day listed on events calendars, on websites, in newsletters and social media. If you can help to do any of that, then we’d be really grateful.

And finally …. would you like to use the fruit press?
If your group has an event or you have loads of apples/pears in your garden, why not make some lovely fresh juice (I’m told it freezes very well.) You can borrow the fruit press and crusher, for a donation to Abundance in return. They are expensive pieces of equipment so we do ask for a deposit, returnable when you give the equipment back to us.

Many thanks

Abundance Wimbledon
☏ 020 8946 3750/07970 877670

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