What's your vision of "the good life" for older people in Merton?



Are you an older person living in Merton? Merton Council and local partners want to hear your views, and draw on your experience, skills and knowledge.

With your help, we want to build up a realistic picture of how we can all get better at making sure that older people are able to live independent, comfortable and active lives. We specifically want to think about new and creative ways to use untapped community resources.

We hope this workshop will be interesting and inspiring. It will lead to real action and the local authority and the voluntary sector are committed to making sure that the best ideas are turned into reality. The meeting will be attended by Simon Williams, London Borough of Merton Director of Community and Housing.

The meeting runs from 10am-1pm, followed by lunch. If you have any specific requirements to enable you to attend the meeting email info@mvsc.co.uk or call 020 8648 9677.

To book your place call 020 8685 1771, email info@mvsc.co.uk or visit mertonconnected.com/aw.

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