NHS South West London--Emerging Priorities Survey



We need your views…

We are keen to discuss with local people what our immediate areas of focus should be. Our initial thinking is that we should focus on the following but we would welcome your views:

—Making health and social care services more productive, identifying areas where they can work more closely together, for example by sharing back office functions,
—Putting much more emphasis on prevention, helping people to stay well and managing their health proactively,
—Helping people earlier than we do now so conditions and problems do not become worse,
—Ensuring people get the right care in the right place from the right service, for example, we’d like GP’s to coordinate more joined up care in local communities and we’d like to improve community care so that people don’t need to stay in hospital too long
—Thinking about what services should be provided in each hospital and how networks of clinicians might improve hospital care.

Should you have any thoughts on these-whether they are the right priorities, whether there is anything else we should include-we would be very happy to consider them.

Please email swlccgs@swlondon.nhs.uk or write to South West London Strategic Planning Group, c/o SWL Collaborative Commissioning, 120 The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 1RH by Friday 20 May.

We recognise that this immediate timescale for your further thoughts is short, but this is due to the national timetable for STP submission. Please note that this will not by any means be the final opportunity to shape and comment on our strategy. We expect to discuss and agree much of the detail, including the role played by each health provider, after our STP has been submitted in June. Should any ideas emerge which required significant service change, for example a reconfiguration of hospital services, we would hold a formal public consultation on these. We are not yet at the point of knowing whether such changes will form part of our plans.

We have attached Frequently Asked Questions about the STP, which will shortly be published on the SWL Collaborative Commissioning website www.swlccgs.nhs.uk

Feedback from previous consultations with the public is available at http://www.swlccgs.nhs.uk/documents/independent-reports-from-the-help-us…

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