Nelson Hospital Site Development Proposals



Public Meeting:
7.00-8.30pm Thursday 19th November 2009

The NHS London Capital Investment Committee has approved plans for projects in Sutton and Merton which include the development of a Local Care Centre on the Nelson Hospital site. It is proposed the centre will provide a range of services including two GP practices, diagnostic equipment, rooms for visiting consultants and various clinics. The project managers have now reached a stage at which they wish to present their proposals to a wider public and listen to comments before final decisions are made.

Issues for discussion include:

The range of services to be provided directly and in cooperation with other social and voluntary organisations. The overall use of the Nelson site (not all of which will be required for the Local Care Centre) Traffic, parking and other environmental issues

Nelson Hospital Public Meeting
Thursday 19th November 2009

7.00pm Introduction by Chair

7.05 Presentation SMPCT
A presentation briefly introduced by a senior member of the PCT

7.25 Break up to form groups for discussion

7.30 Discussion groups start
3/4 groups depending on the numbers present. Each one will need a discussion leader. He may also present the main ideas of the group or appoint a member of the group to do so.

Possible topics
Public Access
Public transport, parking, Kingston Rd traffic problems, Bus stops, Drop off for ambulance and disabled patients.
The whole Nelson Site
Use of space not used for the Local care centre. Care of the Kingston Road Frontage. Use of the present Car Park area(assuming not used for LCC). The new Nelson in the local community and environment
Services to be available
Links to non clinical activities such as Social Services, Carer Support and other Voluntary organisations, healthy living initiatives. Space availability for these.
Intermediate Care.
Implication of IC for families, levels of support, help lines on problems, carer respite.
Creating a ‘User Friendly’ environment
Attractive layout, personalised welcome and direction to services

7.50 End group Discussion

7.55 Group presentations Maximum 3minutes per Group

8.10 Questions

8.20 Round up and summary

Thanks to all for a successful meeting tonight. Approximately 120 attendees… the number of people and acoustics meant it was hard at times for us to listen to one other. Apologies for this but please post your messages here, and we can have debate in public and online. Notes of the meeting are being typed and will be posted shortly, as also a PDF version of the presentation.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the meeting on 19 November. For the record, here are note of the comments of the Group discussing Public Access issues.
1. Nelson Site to care for more patients than before; building should meet patient needs for several decades, so most important not to take away space from the site. Don’t sell land for short term gain versus long term problems
2. Similarly: do not sell off parking spaces; they may well be needed to meet needs not currently in the plan
3. Take into account the movements of Rutlish and Wimbledon Chase pupils and parents
4. Buses already fully loaded especially with school children; buses are not a transport solution for many people using the Nelson site if their homes are not near a bus route
5. Group did not believe there were nearly enough parking places allocated, even with exhortations to staff and patients to use other transport
6. Nelson development must avoid reducing parking for shops in the Rush
7. Watery Lane is a very narrow entrance. But need to preserve the character of the Lane.
8. Access to the site from Manor Gardens or Cleveland Avenue would be a non-starter
9. Separate ingress and egress from/to Kingston Road could improve flow but combining deliveries, ambulance access and public access into one route, would be liable to cause congestion and hold-ups
10. Hence, selling off land not only reduces space for facilities but also for room for safe, efficient access
11. The group welcomed the opportunity to continue to participate in the process

All the above points are very valid and show that a Local Health Centre with parking at the rear and access off The Rush, is a non starter. The road is too narrow. Local traders will lose their short term parking which is essential for their survival. Mixing health centre traffic and pupils attending Rutlish School (soon to be expanded to add a Sixth Form) will be dangerous. Suggesting that sick people, pregnant mothers, young children, the elderly etc. should use public transport, is unrealistic. Even if they don’t bring a car, they are likely to use a taxi or lift and be dropped off and need collection.

The answer to this site seems to be to keep the existing car park, and site the new development on the western end of the present hospital. If the Planning Brief which required retention of the Pavilions is the problem, then look again at the Planning Brief. Desé Child.

I think the new building should be set back a bit from Kingston Road and have the parking at the front, accessed directly from Kingston Road. This way, the back space could become a garden, and keep the Rush clear of traffic.

If you set the building back, it will come nearer to the houses at the back on Manor Gardens, and the owners there are very keen not to have buildings any nearer to them, or any higher, than they have at the moment.

One starts to understand why the present Nelson Hospital is designed in a long line along the Kingston Road frontage. That is where is has least affect on surrounding properties on what is actually a very tight site for such an intensive use. Desé Child.

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