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This week has been an incredibly sad one for police officers all over the country. The city centre of Manchester fell silent in tribute to two female colleagues killed on duty. It was incredibly moving to see the public and the police standing shoulder to shoulder in sadness to mourn the loss of PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes. As we watched the funerals, we remembered that police officers just like Fiona and Nicola are going about their business as usual and responding to emergencies and protecting the communities they serve.

I have been very touched by the messages of support and condolence that have come in from people of Merton, and if I can single just one person out I would especially like to thank Mr John Hill for his flowers and book of condolence.

Crime across the Borough is still reducing compared to last week, but house burglary and vehicle crime have seen a bit of a rise this week. I am still left astonished when I read crime reports that start, “Victim left their car open/insecure”. Criminals are opportunistic. They look for the weak, the vulnerable and the insecure. If we take positive measures we can stop many of these thefts. Please can you send this message to your communities and organisations.

Over the past few weeks I have been making similar comments about burglary but this week we have seen a spate of burglaries where front doors and windows have actually been forced open by thieves when the owner is out. These have been scattered all over the borough, Wimbledon, Mitcham, Morden and Raynes Park – this is a change in the crimes that we have seen on the Borough this year.

Please consider this in context – we are one of the lowest crime boroughs in London. However, there are things that we can do to stop these offences. Firstly please look out for each other. Forcing doors and windows makes noise and will look like someone breaking in – please phone us if ever you think this is happening. We would rather be called and not be needed than not be called – so call 999 if you ever suspect there is a crime in progress. Secondly, please ask your Safer Neighbourhoods Officers and Police Community Support Officers about crime prevention tactics if you see them out and about, they are there to help, and are always happy to engage with you.

On a personal note this time next Friday it is my boxing match against two times World Heavy Weight Champion Tim Witherspoon at Wellington Barracks in London to raise money for the Royal Marsden Children’s Cancer Charity. The event is the biggest boxing charity event ever in the UK and features fights involving a line up of former world champions; Joe Calzaghe, Richie Woodhall, Glen Catley, Barry Jones, Colin McMillan, Robin Reid & Ray Mercer and London 2012 Olympic Gold medalist Nicola Adams. I know that some of you have bought tickets in the hope of seeing me knocked on my back but if anyone else would like to ensure that this happens please consider supporting the event via a Just Giving page that has been set up especially.

I will write to you all again next weekend as I am off next Friday getting ready for the fight.

Have a great weekend


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