Please, Double lock your door when you leave



Please, Double lock your door

Merton Park residents are urged to double lock their front doors whenever they leave their homes, and for whatever period of time.

Although not in Merton Park, there has been an increase in offences in Merton where Yale-type night latches, have been ‘slipped’, and entry to homes gained.

The simple precaution of using your deadlock, whenever you leave, will prevent this method of entry from being successful.

Through the diligent security practices of Merton Park residents, since the start of JUNE, there have only been 3 residential burglaries where entry was effected and property taken. Laptops were the most vulnerable items.

At 2 of these, a window was left open, at the third, the front door was not double locked.

3 offences were successfully prevented when the attempt at entry was thwarted by the windows being locked, and entry denied to the potential offender.

Please remember to lock when you leave, next time, and every time.

If you wish to arrange a free home security visit, then please contact us on 0208 721 2451, or via

Thank you for continuing to use community safe
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