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Dundonald Safer Neighbourhood Team have a ‘Ward Panel’ that consists of a number of local residents from the ward. A Ward Panel is a forum where representatives of your neighbourhood residents, your Local Safer Neighbourhoods Police team and Local Authority meet to agree local police priorities. The Dundonald Ward panel meet up four times a year to discuss any ward issues, review the crime data for the last three months and set the priorities.
We are seeking to obtain new members for Dundonald SNT ward Panel which comprises of local residents and business owners. If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of the Dundonald SNT ward panel please contact us to register an interest with your name and address too Dundonald.snt@met.police.uk
Dundonald SNT currently has 13 Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) schemes running across the ward. Anyone can join a NHW scheme and it is absolutely free. Neighbourhood Watch Schemes works by developing close liaison between households in a neighbourhood and the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team. It helps people protect themselves and their properties, and reduces the fear of crime by improved home security, greater vigilance, accurate reporting of suspicious incidents to the police and by fostering a community spirit. Neighbourhood Watch schemes are run by their members through Co-ordinators
A Neighbourhood ‘WATCH’ is the name given to a road, part of a road, or block of flats covered by a Neighbourhood Watch ‘Co-ordinator’ within a Neighbourhood Scheme
If you would like to join a NHW scheme or become a NHW Co-ordinator please contact Dundonald SNT on Dundonald.snt@met.police.uk stating if you are interested in joining a NHW scheme or becoming a co-ordinator and what your address is. We will then contact you back with more information.

Many Thanks for your interest

Kind Regards

PCSO Karen Williams 7265VW
Dundonlald Safer Neighbourhood Team
Wimbledon Sector
15 Queens Road
SW19 8NN

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