What is the worst thing that could happen to your business?




Business Continuity Workshop

None of us could have seen the recent disturbances coming; and many were caught out by the snow last winter. So, is your business prepared and able to operate in a crisis?
In this workshop you will draw up an action plan by identifying vital aspects of your business, the weakest links and measures to take to ensure your business can continue to operate.
Produce a five point plan to help you achieve your own business continuity plan:

1.What is crucial to keeping your business going?

2.What are the most likely and greatest risks?

3.What to put in your plan

4.Assessing worse case scenarios

5.Testing your plan

The workshop will be run by Diana Sterck and Helen Clark Bell from Merton Chamber, who have worked closely with Merton Council, the Police, the Fire Service and local businesses in the past few weeks and have practical hands on experience of drawing up a business continuity plan.

Who should attend:
Any local business

Diana Sterck and Helen Clark Bell

Price per delegate (Members):
£15.00 + VAT
Price per delegate (Non-Members):
£50.00 + VAT

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