What makes a good leader?



The workshop focuses on a number of the skills that good leaders possess, inviting attendees to explore ideas they may hold around leadership, raise levels of self-awareness, look at the issue of communications, as well as each individuals’ own business objectives, and what might be stopping these objectives from being fulfilled.

What does an effective leader look like?
Identify what kind of leadership works for you/your organisation
Communications styles and strengths
Seeing the business as a whole

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Leadership Development workshop is to give attendees a framework that allows them to look at their business – and how they work within it – with absolute clarity. That is:

How actions impact on purpose (why I do what I do)
How plans impact on outcomes (what I do makes this happen)
How strategy impacts on reputation (how I do it defines my reputation)

What you’ll achieve at the end of the workshop

With clear leadership and direction, your business will be able to better build well-defined plans, clear communication channels and an ability to elicit change (as necessary) with an understanding throughout the business of what needs to be done, and by whom.

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