Strategies for being more productive



How to have a more productive working day

A three-hour workshop full of practical tips and exercises to help business owners and leaders work more productively on the things that matter. This event, Strategies for being more Productive’ will help you to get focused on the handful of tasks that make a real difference to your business and set yourself up to achieve those tasks every day. You will come away with a better understanding of the foundations for a good day’s work and know how to play to your strengths and preferences especially when you need to tackle tricky tasks.
Aims and Objectives

Tackle overwhelm and procrastination by focusing on a small number of clear goals that matter most to you and your business;
Break goals into achievable chunks and daily tasks so that you can make steady progress within your working day;
Learn tips and strategies for being productive throughout the day, making the most of your energy and personal working style to get the most important work done;
Understand how to lay the foundations for a good day’s work every day – sleep, exercise and nutrition, but also space for reflection and learning.

What you’ll achieve at the end of the workshop

By the end of the event, you’ll know how to have a better working day for you and your business. You’ll be able focus your time and attention better, feel more in control, and move ahead with your most important tasks.

Your event worksheet will have plenty of space for you to write down notes and plans so you can take action immediately. It will also include reminders of the strategies covered during the event as well as hints and links to other useful resources and websites.

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