Fire Warden Marshal Training



This Fire Warden Marshal Training workshop is aimed at those employees within the organisation who have a key role to play within the management of Fire Safety in the Workplace.

The course is tailored as a generic course and will include the following:

The Legal Requirement
The Triangle of Fire
Types and Causes of Fire
Extinguishing Fire
Basic Fire Prevention
Actions to be taken in the Event of Fire
Fire Extinguishers
Checking Fire Fighting Equipment within your Workplace
Escape Routes and their Importance
Fire Notices and Signs
Assembly Points and Role Calls
Proactive Fire Prevention
Proactive and Reactive Role of a Fire Warden/Marshal

You will be able to undertake a practical demonstration; allowing you to extinguish different types of Fire, using Fire Extinguishers on our Environmentally Friendly Fire Simulators.

Who will benefit from this course?

Any Individual who has a responsibility for Fire Safety; anyone who requires guidance on work place fire safety and anyone who requires their staff to have an in-depth Fire Safety Awareness.

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