Finance for Business: Effective Financial Planning



This seminar is specifically for existing business owners who are looking to raise finance or are thinking of using the business planning process to shape their strategic direction and set measurable goals for the business.

Our experienced adviser explains in practical terms what lenders expect to see in an effective business plan. By the end of the session you will be able to:
• Understand how best to construct an effective business proposal
• Increase your chance of obtaining both an appointment and a favourable response from a lender
• Feel more confident when discussing “numbers”
• Monitor and improve business performance with help of a detailed ‘by month’ budgeting plan
• Be a more effective manager of your business by linking your sales and marketing plan to your cash flow and profit and loss –95% of businesses fail to do this

• Aims, ambitions and summary
• Who will run this business and will they make a good job of it?
• Dynamic SWOT analysis -identify the businesses key objectives, and why you need finance
• What will the business do and how?
• Marketing
• How to demonstrate you are profitable and properly resourced
• How to produce a simple but effective profit and loss statement
• Cash flow forecasting – made easy!
• Appendices: the essential supporting `bits’

Who should attend:
To be eligible for this programme you must run an existing start-up or established business, based in South West London and employ fewer than 250 people.

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