What can we actually DO



What matters most is what you do. We may say this or that, have opinions on what other people do, but it is what we do that matters. This foreign policy - completely non-representative of UK public opinion - means that we are colluding in the collective punishment of the civilan population of Lebanon. We have family friends there - formery reidsent in Wimbledon, the mother teaches at the American University in Beirut. The father is a services engineer with his own consultancy in the construction industry, who stayed in Lebanon during the previous 'troubles'. What are they to do now, with half the city in ruins, schools full of refugees - a quarter of the population displaced, fruit harvest rotting because there is no fuel for the trucks to carry it to market, shortages of food fuel and water, economy in ruins. We, UK taxpayers are subsidizing and assisting the bombing of this infrastructure, the collective punishment of civilians, which is a crime in international humanitarian law. What if this were happening to us, would we expect them to stand by and do nothing? I feel powerless, as through our much-vaunted democracy means nothing. I saw a peace protester in Wimbledon yesterday evening carrying a canvas banner saying 'Earthquques are not preventible. War is.'