But trying to justify the Iraq war on the basis of how bad Saddam was, is (a) not what TB said at the time and (b) not consistent: was Iraq worse than many other dictatorships that are still around now that we're not talking about invading?

We didn't invade Iraq because we were trying to make life better for Iraqis; although no one's denying that Saddam's Iraq was terrible and that, long-term the invasion *may* see improvements (fingers crossed).

There's opposition to the war though because: we were lied to by our Government about why we're there; our foreign policy is seemingly subsumed within that of the USA; the lack of planning for the 'after the war is over' period (ie now) is appalling; and it's giving extremists on all sides the opportunity to use it to stir up hatred.

Admittedly, not going to war would not have been good for the people in Iraq either. But the Govt is quite happy to put up with human rights abuses in China, civilian deaths in palestinian territories and Lebanon; civilian deaths in Israel and genocide in Sudan.