About us

The Forum is an open-ended non-party-political organisation, its membership available to all, which allows the citizens of Wimbledon to play a full and decisive role in the management of their community and by joint action to generate solutions to Wimbledon problems.

Membership of the Forum is broadly representative of the elements of our community. This ranges from professional, business and commercial interests to amenity societies, residents associations and the town's many and diverse cultural groups, with particular emphasis on marginalised groups including the disabled, ethnic and religious communities, and charitable activities.

By creating an active working partnership between these groups, interests and activities, it seeks to establish an environment in which community-based ideas and initiatives will flourish and communal solutions will be found to local problems.

Membership of the Forum is open to all who accept its aims without charge. Friends of the Forum also contribute financially. Local professional and business institutions are urged to join the Forum as subscribing members. Together they provide the sole source of funding for a low-cost high-impact organisation.

The Forum's activities are managed by a volunteer Executive Committee of 6 responding to the needs and concerns of the community represented by friends and members, under the direction of the Governing Council: 25 representatives of the principal component institutions of the Forum. The Governing Council sets policy and overall direction.